HOA Management Services in Glenwood Springs, CO

Key Stone Management offers a wide variety of services to choose from, each association will require different services and we will tailor your package to meet your demands.

Financial Services

  • Invoicing of regular Association assessments as determined by the Association’s governing documents. Monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Collection and Processing of Association Regular Assessments
  • Alternate Monthly Statements as reminders to any delinquent members
  • Pursue Delinquent Accounts
  • Reconcile Associations Monthly Bank Statements
  • Disseminate Association Financial reports to the Board of Directors
  • Process and adjust all regular annual assessments as determined by the approved budget
  • Receive and process any Association Accounts Payables / Receivables
  • Receive and process all incoming and outbound mail of the Association
  • Respond to owner queries regarding regular assessments, statements, and Online Banking
  • Facilitate any annual fund transfers between Associations Operating, Reserve or Investment accounts
  • Prepare Year End Tax Reports to be sent to the Associations CPA for review and filing
  • Vendor management – Review 1099’s, request Tax ID numbers, submit forms to vendors and IRS
  • Payroll management for employees of the association

Administration, Management & Maintenance

  • Register the HOA with the Secretary of State and other relevant agencies/boards
  • Maintaining Electronic and Hard Copy document storage, includes the retention and storage of Association records as detailed in Section 38-33.3.317 of CCIOA
  • Prepare the associations Annual Budget
  • Facilitate Board of Director meetings by scheduling, attending, and preparing minutes for all association meetings
  • Facilitate the Association’s ANNUAL Meeting
  • Communicate with all professional entities contracted to the Association
  • Communicate with any member of the Association
  • Manage all violations as per the Associations Enforcement Policy
  • Periodic inspection of the common property – Observe and note any vandalism, sanitary, life safety, structural, lighting and maintenance issues
  • Creating / Update website for HOA community
  • Facilitating with changes / amendments to HOA Declarations, By-laws, Rules & Regulations, or any other Governing Documents
  • Assist/Manage in dispute resolution with regards to the HOA declarations, By-laws, Rules & Regulations, or any other disputes / hearings
  • Facilitating access to owner’s property for HOA related concerns for maintenance, repairs or for any other reason
  • Approval Procedure – owner requests for BOD approval
  • Scheduling repairs and maintenance
  • Assist with any Legal matters relating to the association
  • Vendor Management includes soliciting bids, contracts, appointments, supervision, close out of projects
  • Insurance Management – Soliciting and Maintaining all association insurance requirements
  • Water Management services, services can include periodic water meter readings, processing, and billing for water usage. Assisting professionals with absolute water rights, system repairs and replacements, design, and upgrades to current system
  • Reserve Study Management – All aspects from sourcing, analysis, adjustments, and managing the reserve study
  • Architectural Design Committee Administration
  • Contractor Management
  • Compliance management
  • Maintenance and Project management, including snow removal, landscaping and general repairs

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